About Us

The best he can remember is that Picklin' Parson was a nickname given to me (Stan Copeland), by a friend, Mark Holubec.  The Rev. Dr. Stanley R. Copeland, or “Stan” as he is known to most and “Pastor Stan “as the children call him, is increasingly referred to as the “Picklin’ Parson.”  For more than a quarter of a century he has been the senior pastor of the 5,000-member, multi-cultural, urban congregation of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas.  Most of his over four decades of ministry has been in Houston and Dallas, even though he is East Texas born and reared and deeply rooted in rural soil.  In East Texas, he loves to farm on his 60-acre homestead. He farms Noonday sweet onions, an East Texas staple, and an array of row crop vegetables.  The farm features a pecan orchard and fruit trees.

Whether Mark gave him the name or not, he definitely designed the logo and Colinasway picked it up as the brand and are living into the mission, "Picklin' with Purpose."  Whether distributing "From-the-Farm Gourmet" products, cookbooks, or tackling food insecurity through food distribution this brand is about making a positive difference in the communities where Colinasway Inc. intends to serve.

·       Colinasway labels our pickled veggies, jams, jellies and preserves with the logo—over 100 State Fair award winners.

·       Colinasway has named our YouTube Channel Picklin' Parson—nearing 1,000 subscribers who view our videos: From the Canner, From the Farm, From the Pulpit, From the Flame.

·       Colinasway names our cookbooks Picklin Parson Cookbooks.

·       Colinasway has named our food distribution initiative Picklin’ Parson Food Distribution and the specific program in East Texas the Picklin’ Parson Food Club


Colinasway is a Spanish derivative meaning “the way of the hills”.  Hills are challenges.  Partner with us to tackle challenges by purchasing our products or cookbooks, or making a donation to further the positive impact we are making.