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Picklin' Parson



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Your generous donations help us underwrite our books and videos, produce our products, and ultimately it all goes to fund our others-oriented mission, which is our Picklin’ Parson Food Distribution through the Picklin’ Parson Food Club, Bear Necessities, and support of area pantries.


Colinasway Inc. is the non-profit 501 ( c ) 3 corporation that supports all of the Picklin’ Parson enterprises.  There are three areas of focus for Colinasway Inc.:

1) Consulting and mentoring of church leadership,

2) Publication of books, cookbooks and videos,

3) Food Distribution addressing food insecurity in a growing number of communities.

The income  that is over and above expenses through our consulting activity, publication sales and sales of Picklin’ Parson products, all go to fund our growing outreach of Food Distribution.

Picklin’ Parson Food Club is our “dignity” approach to tackle food insecurity.  Colinasway works with local area food pantries, and contracts with a partner store or food distribution entity, to administer the distribution of fresh produce to Picklin’ Parson Food Club members.

In east Henderson and southeast Van Vandt counties, the Food Club members are those citizens dealing with food insecurity.  These citizens come into club membership vetted and sent by the area food pantries.  They bring a Picklin’ Parson Food Club token to the Stillwater Farm Market Store in Chandler, Texas.  Colinasway Inc. contracts with Stillwater Farm Market Store to buy, deliver, stage the produce in the store, as well as administer the registration, and daily log of club member shopping.   Club members sign-in once weekly and pay $2 and shop for $25 worth of farm fresh produce of their choosing.  They are then warmly invited to come back and shop next week.

All donations made on this page are to Colinasway Inc. and are tax deductible.  Donors are encouraged to give us a preferred name and mailing address for your year-end statement. 

Thanks so much for partnering with us to make a positive impact on this blue planet, and in the lives of our sisters and brothers who benefit from our service together.  

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