About Picklin' Parson

The best he can remember is that Picklin' Parson was a nickname given to me (Stan Copeland), by a friend, Mark Holubec. The Rev. Dr. Stanley R. Copeland, or “Stan” as he is known to most and “Pastor Stan “as the children call him, is increasingly
referred to as the “Picklin’ Parson.

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  • Great Work

    "I order three jars each time. Third order, and all orders were
    excellent. Shipping was tight and right. No complaints from me. Keep up the great work." - Blake.

  • Fun to Read

    "The stories in the book are amazing and fun to read. The recipes are good. Excited to make some pickles.” – Judy P.

  • The Holy Trifecta

    "Wonderful, loving stories paired with delicious new but old recipes.
    The Holy Trifecta is what the parson says about a prayer, a hug and a jar of jam. Love it!" - Susan.

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