I'm Stan Copeland and I share goodness and make kindness connections through videos--from the: tractor (I farm), canner (I cook), pulpit (I preach) and flame (I talk "church"). I like to say this is all about Picklin' with Purpose as I write cookbooks, do cooking shows and share a family tradition of picklin' and canning. Family is important to me. Creating a sense of "family" with friends--old and new--is my goal. As a 26-year old pastor, in 1986 I was diagnosed with a terminal form of leukemia and I survived, due to amazing medical treatment, involving an experimental drug and many caring doctors and nurses. And I don't discount the mystery in my healing brought about by prayer from countless individuals. I was the beneficiary of goodness and kindness that in part saved my life. Therefore I committed long ago to give back in many different ways. Follow along and my hope is that you will be informed and inspired as part of the picklin' parson family. You are welcome!

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