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Picklin' Parson

The Picklin' Parson Cookbook

The Picklin' Parson Cookbook

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About the Author

The Reverend Doctor Stanley R. Copeland—or simply “Stan” as he is known to more folk and “Pastor Stan” as he is known to most kids—is the senior pastor of the 5,000-member, multicultural, urban congregation of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. Even though he has served in Houston and Dallas for more than three decades, his roots are deeply set in rural soil.


Some might say that he really is just a good ol' boy from a small town in East Texas—Chandler. His parents, sister and her family, and most of their kin still live there. He makes the 90-minute trip to “home” every chance he gets. He has a farm outside of Chandler, called Stillwater, which was the community name before Chandler’s township establishment in 1880. He also co-owns the Stillwater Farm Market Store, which is the storefront from which the Picklin’ Parson, award-winning, From-the-Farm Gourmet brand of products was initiated. Also, showcases the products and promotional elements of the brand.


         Picklin’ Parson Cookbook, When Life is Jarring...

         Recipes & Stories to Get Through Touch Times

The cookbook that this parson has penned teaches the creative art of pickling and water-bath canning. He shares the techniques and recipes that have been passed down through his family for generations. The recipes will make your mouth water with the thought of tasting pickled and spiced goodness, along with the joy of jams, jellies, chutneys, butters, and preserves. In the last three years, these From-the-Farm Gourmet goodies have garnered over 50 State Fair Ribbons—including winners from the State Fair of Texas, East Texas State Fair, West Texas Fair & Rodeo, and the North Texas State Fair & Rodeo.  


Alongside the award-winning recipes, Stan is the spinner of stories that are certain to move the reader to heartwarming inspiration and provoking pondering meant to bring hope to get through tough times. All of us know that life is jarring from time to time, and can even be devastating. How pastor Copeland and featured friends of his flock have made it through tough times and circumstances to a place of hope is the shared goodness of the book. The reader is sure to be inspired, and any group using this Picklin' Parson cookbook as a study curriculum will find the questions scattered throughout the book catalysts for refreshing, respectful, purposeful conversation. The recipes, as well as the water-bath canning and brining guidance, will make picklin' and canning a delightful temptation.

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